May 2nd, 2007

(no subject)

So, there's a thread goin' down on the FA forums about Sweet Anika (no drama, sorry guys), and I got to thinkin'. 

I almost wish there was a list of every artist posted about on artists_beware, with a link to the entry/entries in question. That way people could check to see if a commissioner has a reputation of not paying, or an artist has a reputation of running off with money, or what have you. But that would be very time consuming, unfortunately. 

SO. Instead of a list that would have to be painstakingly constructed and regularly updated, we could all go back and put tags with the names on the entries we've made. If we wanted to, that is. That way there could be a sort of database for quick reference.

I dunno, it's not a big deal - I just think it would be a good source for covering one's own ass and maybe cutting down on the screw-overs a bit.