April 25th, 2007

Megamind - Car keys

Small heads-up.

ringtailocelot, a journal created TODAY (now deleted), is Yuchi (aka Yuchichan), don't fall for their lies.

(don't bother deleting this Yuchi, I have it saved and will screencap if I need to :3)

Journal created TODAY, posting there requesting a surprise "contest" of conbadges of their "friend Yuchi", the prize being art from their said friend. When I told them just dropping this information on her at the end of this surprise contest would be rude and they should consider a different type of prize, they replied within two minutes or so saying she's okay with it they just asked and yadda yadda. Yeah, within two minutes... I call them out on this bullshit and they delete their journal! Surprise surprise!

Added bonus, two of the pictures in her FA gallery linked were uploaded just two days ago. Awww, convenient.

Just a warning in case it gets deleted/reposted. <3
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