April 17th, 2007

  • arshes

User asking for commissions but known not to pay.

I'm not sure of how many people have heard of Sweet Anika, but I'd like to warn people, she is very much known not to pay artists for commissions. She tried to hold a contest with no ending date, and no prize so she could receive artworks of her characters.

Edit Anika has been banned permanently from Fur Affinity

For example, she was asking artists for a commission of her character, yet she had yet to pay another user:


http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/89481/ Is a journal listing past experiences with her.

As you can see she's asking for commissions again:



Yet in her journals and the forums: http://www.furaffinity.net/journals/sweetanika/

She's asking for money, she's offered to do commissions to pay off commissions and in addition.

"My pet birdy, Lala needs a friend to join her in the cagey.. Shes a blue parakeet, And I want a Love Bird, To put in with her, And I need someone to help me out, And commission me, Or donate.. I also wanna get a ferret.. And they cost loads.. >_< So if anyone wants to help me out.

My paypal is Glendamnk@wmconnect.com ... I will do anything to get helped out here, So it'd be kind if you did! <3333

Also, Did I mention, When we move, I get to get a puppy maybe? WHAT PUPPY SHOULD I GETS! LOLOLOL!"

Of course as side commentary I should mention her wanting to get a lovebird and putting it in with another strange bird is a risk, but it's not truly relevant.

I just wanted to warn other artists, and perhaps people can let their friends know if they see them replying to her posts to be very cautious because she's known for taking artwork and not paying for it. Please PLEASE make sure you get payment up front with her before working on anything on her behalf.

Slight edit If you do see her cuss out other users or violate the TOS let me know or post it in the harassment thread. I'm trying to show the admins how abusive she is, so she can get the b& http://www.furaffinityforums.net/showthread.php?tid=8113

Thanks for your time.