April 16th, 2007

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Long term problem with faolanredwolf

This post is about a situation between faolanredwolf and myself that has gone on for several years. This is the first time I am posting publicly about it with so much information anywhere outside my own journal. I didn't want it to come to this, but I am left with little choice. I think others need to be aware of the situation so no one else is taken advantage of.

Up until this point I have maintained tolerance and tried to patiently wait for something positive to come from all of this. I have offered far more chances than I should have for Faolan to do the right thing, and she has not. My tolerance for years of excuses and lack of response is gone.

This all started about five years ago, give or take.

Faolan and her mate were going to act as agents for me at a con they were attending. I sent inventory of jewelry and other items I had created their way. Time for the con came and went and I just wanted my things returned. Some problems came up that delayed them getting the items mailed back.

We were actually good friends back then, so I didn't sweat it much. I just asked she send the inventory back when she had the chance. I even offered to pay shipping but she felt bad and assured me her and
her mate would handle it. Then things got quiet. I let it go, perhaps longer than I should, and when I finally decided to ask again she gave various excuses each and every time. I brushed it off because
I'm a pretty easy going person.

At a few points they were having some hard times in life and I didn't want to press anything because hey, we all have years from hell. So I played the part of a good friend and didn't question her honesty or
integrity because I thought we were friends, and friends don't do that to each other.

Eventually though I told her it had been too long. There was no way I could account for where that jewelry may have been in the year or more that had followed (ie the sanitary status/cleanliness ), if she even still had it. So I told her she could pay me for it instead which basically meant she could do whatever with it afterwards.

Overall it was $375 she owed, for a combination of the merchandise and some web design and graphics I did for her ages ago. As a compromise, I offered to let her do a payment plan, where she'd give me whatever she could over time rather than the whole lump sum all at once, as I didn't want to cause more of a financial burden than she already had.

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