April 15th, 2007

talking skull


As the title says, follow up to the situation mentioned here:


since some people said they'd like to hear the end result. I decided to send her prints and do two large badges for her, and it's all good. She was awfully nice about it, and totally understanding.

That is all. :3

p.s. Most people said I should just send her prints, in case anyone was wondering. I just decided to do the badges anyways to show my, er, goodwill.
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The Jamie Sidor problem got resolved

Some of you might remember my rather desperate little post back in Collapse ) asking for advice.

To make it short... in January and totally out of the blue Jamie contacted me on her own, apologising for her lack of repsonse and telling me, that she was almost done. I was sceptical and hesitated to burst out of joy that my money wasn't lost after all and indeed her mails over the following three months were scarce and there were many delays, but... finally... last week my sketchbook has arrived and she has added another one from her private older collection to it.

I thought it might be of interest to share the outcome of this matter with you.