April 12th, 2007

talking skull

Advice Needed

I was commissioned last year for three art pieces, worth roughly around $100 (I don't remember the exact prices as they have raised since then). I finished the pieces 7/21/06, as well as a free large badge (worth $25), and sent out the pieces about a week later.

Then, I was told yesterday that the commissioner (who lives in Saudi Arabia) never recieved the commission packet. I live in California, and have never had any problems with mailing before. The pieces consisted of two private pieces that were not posted anywhere online as well as a card for a friend. She has scans of all four items as far as I know.

What I'm asking bascially boils down to this: should I compensate the comissioner for the mailing error? If so, how much?

I don't want her to come off feeling badly about me from this experience, as she is a great customer. Right now, I am planning on compensating her with two free interlocking large badges of her fursona and her mate, worth $70.

I've learned my lesson though--next time when I mail international, I will definately get it insured. Argh.
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