April 9th, 2007

NecroRaver by AnarchicQ

Beware: Todd Goldsmith AKA Todd Goliath

Todd Goldman is the 'genius' behind the "Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them" t-shirts, and has the David and Goliath clothing company.

Right now he has a gallery running called Goldigger. He's making a pretty penny off it too.

Most recently it's come out that Goldman has plagiarized Dave Kelly of the webcomic Purple Pussy, and Roman Dirge of Lenore.

So what can we do?

Step 1- boycott David and Goliath t-shirts.
Step 2 - Buy Dave Kelly's Purple Pussy T-shirt.
Step 3 - ???
Step 4 - Profit! (For Dave Kelly.)

Contact info

Has anyone been in contact with iatro latley? or know any alternate email addresses that she might have? I am trying to get into contact about her about a commision that is owed to me, but she is not responding to any emails or inquiries in her LJ.

I really dont want to make a post about this just yet, untill i find out if something has happened to her or what.

thanks in advance.
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