April 5th, 2007

Glowstickk - Confused/Upset


I just wanted to reflect to the community on a artist I have been waiting for a commission since Oct of 2005. I understand art takes time, but the last time she has replyed to a e-mail of mine was in Mon, 5 Dec 2005. This artist has been active on her website, and I e-mailed her on her new/old e-mail address. Would anyone mind telling me if there is any other option I can take. The artist I am talking on behalf of is Oakpaw. The last e-mail included a VERY rough sketch but that is all I have had since :( I already paid her for this in Oct of 05 also. Any help/suggestions would be great.


Edit: Thanks to fiercereaper I got in e-mailed her on her website e-mail and got a prompt reply. Lets see how it goes from there.