April 4th, 2007



At FC I disregarded what I had read here and commissioned an artist that is known for ripping people off. I paid $20 for a badge and I was told it would be done by the end of the con. I checked in the last day, and they had already left. So I threw an email their way when I got home. I was told it wasn't done and they'd "get to it asap". I got it a day later, which I appreciated the quick turn around and it looks nice. So I gave them my mailing address. I waited. And waited. And waited. No badge. So a month laterish I email them telling them it hadn't arrived and I was worried.
I was then told that they wanted to wait until they had enough badges to mail out in bulk and I had to wait until that happened... I'm not too pleased with this answer, as that could be months for all I know...

What should I do or say to express these feelings? It's bad enough people think I'm an asshole as it is, I'm really not trying to come off that way because it just isn't true.
Is it common practice for people to have their clients wait for their badge until they have a bulk amount to ship at once? I don't want to treat this person unfairly, I'd just like to have the badge I paid for.
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