April 3rd, 2007

Just an update from last post a few entries down…and a question.

The picture did get done, and it’s absolutely gorgeous (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v508/stitchedlamb/?action=view¤t=DecemberDreams_COMMISH_.jpg). Since it did get done, four months isn’t a bad waiting time at all. I’m sure many people can tell who it is now for sure, so I want to be clear that I’d recommend her. It didn’t go as smoothly as most of my other commissions (I'll have to take some of the blame for that for being too shy to voice my concerns to her), but who can complain with a stunning result like that? Just wanted to let you all know. I hope my issue didn’t give anyone any reservations about her.

Annnddd…I’ve got yet another question, because I’m just so full of those lately ^_^.

Recently I decided to possibly start taking lineart commissions because not working while I’ve been away at school has really eaten away at my bank account. So I’d like to make some money to set aside for “fun stuff” so when I start working again, I won’ have to dip into my job money as much.

I only offer lineart/sketches because my coloring is, in my opinion, hit and miss. But I know I can do decent lineart. I’d be offering it for around $15, full body, no/minimal background. Problem is, I’m not sure if I can sell it for that much because the market is so saturated with people offering commissions, sometimes even cheaper, but I don’t feel it will be worth it to charge less. Not because I think my art is amazing, but because it takes me a while to produce lineart (sad as it is).

For example, I generally start with an *incredibly* messy gesture drawing/sketch, transfer it a couple of times to new pieces of paper all the while cleaning it up/adding/improving it, and then I can finally transfer it one more time to be inked. So, given the work that’s involved, I wouldn’t want any less then $15. But since I’m not a well known artist, I’m thinking I might have to lower my prices if I want to attract people.

Since many of you have dealt with commissions before and probably know the market better, I just wanted to know if I should expect to just take a hit, or if I should keep my already determined price and see how it goes? Or should I wait until I make more of a presence (or at least attempt to) before I offer the commissions?

Thanks once again for your help everyone.

Edit: Thank you everyone. To be honest I was expecting everyone to tell me to lower my price, so I'm feeling much more confident about this. I appreciate it!