March 30th, 2007

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A commissioner havn't pay for a long time

Hi everyone, I'm new here, I don't know if I could post something about commissioners not artists here.
Anyway, a commissioner called Mestopho, a female cat, had commissioned me in early Feb.
She wanted me to draw a valentine day pic for her and her boyfrined Rio.
I always draw the sketch first, then will finish the pic after get the payment.
She said she can only pay with money order, but money order would take loger time to arrive to my place.
So I had to finish the pic BEFORE get the payment, thus she'd get the pic before 2/14.

I finished the commission in time and she was satisfied with it.
Then after about one month, I didn't get the money order.
She said she will resend it again but she had to wait for the previous money order to be canceled, and that's the last time I've ever heard from her, I even tried contacting her boyfriend by sendning emails and leaving comments on his LJ, but so far no results in yet.

So if anyone here knows about the couple, would you please help me sending them a message pushing them make the payment?
Or I'll have to resell the commission pic (with modifications if changes are requested.)

Thank you. :)

Here is the commission (warning! adult rate!)
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