March 20th, 2007

Is this unreasonable?

I’m not going to name the artist yet because I’m not even sure if they’re in the wrong. But their “business” practice is irritating me, and I wanted to run it by you guys.

Back in December, I commissioned an artist for a picture as a Christmas gift for my best friend. I paid upfront for the actual picture, and my friend paid for shipping. In total it was $40. We didn’t ask that it be done in time for Christmas, so I don’t mind that it wasn’t. In fact, I don’t think waiting a few months for a commission is unreasonable. We all know that things come up: art block, school work, etc….

It’s not the waiting that bothers me. It’s the fact the artist is question has been uploading TONS and TONS of personal artwork since then. Not only for herself, but for her friends and such. And they’re not quick sketches, but pieces that seem like they would take a decent amount of time.

Now, I have no objection to an artist doing their own thing in addition to commissions. But it bothers me that I’ve already paid her, and I haven’t even seen a sketch. If she has time to do scores of personal pieces, surely she has the time to finish one picture that’s already been paid for? She told my friend it’s already been drawn and inked, but neither of us has seen anything.

In addition, she opened up special commissions for Valentines day before finishing her previous commissions. All the slots were filled, and they were all finished, as far as I can tell. Mine, however, is still nowhere to be seen.

I don’t know if I have a right to be upset about this, so I wanted to know what you guys think. Like I said, if it was taking a while due to something the artist couldn’t help, I wouldn’t mind. What bothers me is that she’s already been paid, and I kind of feel like she’s not treating it like the priority it should be.

Am I being unfair to the artist about this?