March 18th, 2007


Update :)

I have an update in regaurd to my post almost a year ago about faolanredwolf.

She got in contact with me this morning, and paid me in full for the commissions I did for her. Turns out it was a miscommunication between her mate and her as to whom was paying me, wrapped up in the mess of him getting ready for basic. :)

I'm sure she'll be fabulous with other artists from here on out. :D

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Trying to contact Moldred

sorry to clutter your community, but I know he atleast posted here once.
I need to get back into contact with Moldred to finish up the 24 pictures I owe him. I emailed him months ago (September) and yet to hear back.
If he himself does not find this, could someone let him know I am looking for him. I want to try and get his pictures done before May as I am due to have a baby then.
Thanks alot.
(This is mostly my fault for taking so darn long)