February 18th, 2007

Happy Bat


I guess beware of me.

I have seen a few people doing these with a large come back, so I have decided to post here.

A while back I was a very bad person to get a commission from, I would slack and slack until the commissioner became agitated and gave up. Usually I would never have recieved the payment so in the end nothing was lost but time and faith (Which I regret horribly.)

The reason for writing this is a mistake I did make. I was paid $100 when I first started making fursuits to make someone a half suit. The commissioner wasted a white and red fox-like creature named Xavior. I kept telling him I would get it done and kept telling myself the same thing but I never did. After a while he stopped e-mailing me, and I have since lost AIM.

I know he has a red panda suit from Darkstone relm/ relms of enchantment but I don't know much more. He lived in california and I believe he did something with music. And of course he wanted the suit mentioned above.

Thank you for any help recieved.