February 1st, 2007


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I have a question, and I'm not sure if this is the place to ask or not, but here goes.
At AC 06, I took two commissions. However, somehow, I lost the page the info was on, which is of course my fault and I take full responsibility for the mishap. One commission I remembered enough to finish, but the other I didn't and need to find the individual to get the rest of the info. AC was my first con and I really am still inexperienced in a lot of ways about how to handle something like this.
What should I do? Is there a bigger community on which to post? Both people were given my business card, but I'm afraid that neither has sent me anything yet wanting to know where their art is. I'm terrified at the idea of them thinking I just didn't do their art.

So. If this is the right sort of post to make here, I have a commission for a black and red dragon for an individual who's name I don't know, colored digitally. And I am lacking information for a two-character one from someone named Shira (who I ran into at MFM but lost track of before I could get his info), a white dragon with rainbow frills. Anyone know anything about these two folks? I'd like to get them their art and explain why it took so long.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, I'm new here. ^_^
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