January 17th, 2007


Just need advice!

This isn't a post to report anyone...myself or any of my customers...I just finished reading about _graywolf_'s experience, and I got to thinking...

If I haven't had it written anywhere in contract or discussed with commissioners thus far, would I be able to legally have them cease and desist from using their commission from me for prints and selling them? [If that didn't make sense, I meant essentially making a profit from selling work that they paid me for...]

I don't expect this to happen, my commissioners have always been wonderful people and patient joys to work with [:D], but if it did happen someday, would I just be shit out of luck, or would there be something I could do?

All this has made me seriously consider sitting down and writing a terms of service journal in my commission-dedicated journal so that I can avoid anything of the sort ever happening! I've never been art thieved to my knowledge, so I haven't really been watermarking my work or putting visible copyrights on them, and this community is making me so paranoid, I swear...
Does anyone have a terms of service page that they wouldn't mind me basing mine off of? It almost definately wouldn't have everything that the one I referenced from had, and maybe I wouldn't use anything...I'm just sort of new to all this and wondering what sort of things should be covered in a ToS.

Also, is it unethical to be commissioned by someone for something of their character, give them the original piece and then sell prints of it? I don't have a printer that could handle anything like that, but I think I may have seen people doing it, and I always wondered how that worked with people's original characters being in the piece [or Disney, Sonic, etc. copyrighted characters, for that matter].

I hope I covered everything I've been wanting to ask...*sigh* It would be just like me to forget something. P:
I think I've seen posts like this in this community before, but I know some of the rules have changed, so like...is this still allowed? I guess we'll see if it's let in...
Thanks in advance for any help/advice/comments, guys! <3
Edit: Yep, it's allowed...mainly edited because my HTML was off...honestly, why can't I get it right? -_-
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