January 16th, 2007

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Beware of jeweller

Posting this with _graywolf_'s permission.

A while ago _graywolf_ designed a Celtic fox ring for a good friend of hers. Her friend took the design to this jeweller to have the actual ring made.

Some time after that _graywolf_ went to look at the site because she wanted some personal jewellery made and was shocked to find the jeweller was selling pendants of the fox head design from the ring. She had never given permission to either her friend or the jeweller for the design to be used for anything but that one ring.

Graywolf got some information from a lawyer and contacted the jackass jeweller.

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Think what you will, personally I think this guy is a filthy scumbag and I'll be discouraging everyone I know from patronizing his business.

Edit: Pardon me, I forgot to mention the site's url needs to be cut&pasted into your browser or it will forward you to the FBI site, oh irony of ironies. http://www.mycelticrings.com
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