January 9th, 2007

Beware of Jonas

OK, reaperfox did it, so I'm gonna do it too. I'm going to post about myself.

I've always had this secret dread that someday I'd end up the subject of a rant on this community. Without waxing lengthy about my situation (which is really irrelevant), I can safely say that I've slacked off more than a bit on commissions, and if I owe you one, I am sorry about that. I haven't always had the best customer service attitude either -- I've been reluctant at times to deal with questions from commissioners, and I've been in general too unstructured about commissions. While I like to think that I hopefully haven't built up too bad a rep, I think it's best for an artist to be proactive about it -- to take steps to make sure that never happens.

So! Aside from making my commission roster open to the public, courtesy of Artspots, I invite anyone who has had trouble with me to please come forth and contact me. I promise you I'll try and work out something mutually agreeable.

And I really, seriously, will try to be more professional about commissions in the future.