January 8th, 2007

El Dorado - Sad Now :(, Sad now :(

Posting about... me! :(

I just wanted to officially state that yes, I HAVE been slacking lately a bit on a few conbadges I offered people. I offered a ton, and accepted a couple but have STILL only completed one and a half due to a ton of Reality Things getting in the way (like, we moved house JUST before Christmas, having had it on sale for only a DAY - I didn't expect things to move so fast!) and then of course Christmas, decorating, moving, New Years.. gah.

So. If I confirmed I'd DO your conbadge, it WILL get done and very soon at that! Now the holidays are over, AND we've basically settled in here, I've nothing stopping me. If I never DID get back to you, I'm REALLY sorry but I'd best not do any more until I complete my little backlog here, but I'm honestly thankful for any and everyone who was interested! That means a lot to me.

So. Sorry guys, so so sorry. Things will be fixed this week I hope!
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Looking for HMO/Rotekatze

Has anyone heard from HMO/Rotekatze since early November?

I commissioned her back in January of 2005 to the tune of $53. Since then there's been a lot of back-and-forth about people not getting art, etc, she eventually got in touch with me in November of 2006 and said she was finally starting work on my picture. She sent me a rough sketch, I approved it, and she said she was going to ink and color it...

And two months later... her LJ's gone (again), I emailed her a week ago and heard nothing back, and it's really getting old.

So, yeah, any help would be appreciated since she seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth (again) and I've been very patient with her up to this point.
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Update on the Orange04 case...

I finally managed to get in touch with Orange.

Turns out all the blocking and so on was a stupid personal thing on her side, and she apologised profusely for it. She agreed to send a full refund back, esp. since I hadn't even gotten a sketch out of her...

And ended up getting 10 dollars more than what I had originally paid! I mentioned this to her, and she said she knew.

So, it has all been resolved... and Orange has apologized profusely for the whole situation and taken full responsibility- good on her I say!

Well, I got nothin' else! So enjoy the new year!
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