November 30th, 2006

Ten things I have been told by former clients...

1) [of a gay sex commission] "I don't want to infringe on your creativity, but feel free to make the characters as young as ten."

2) [of his story, which prints out at 11 pages, single spaced, Arial 11 font, with fight scenes, chase scenes, a meaningless dance sequence, etc., being turned into a comic] "I want it done in ten pages. Why can't you do it in ten pages?"

3) [of her four page fanzine story] "I'd like one illustration for every third paragraph."

4) [of my refusal to do his man/boy requests] "You weren't squicked by it! You were just bored!"

5) [of OBVIOUS Sega-Genesis characters] "No, they're my characters. I have proof from other artists."

6) [of unpaid fanzine art] "Do it over. You can do better and we want our book to be high quality."

7) [of his desire to pay only $20] "Can you do three pieces of less quality, instead of one?"

8) [a young artist I was mentoring] "I wish you would stop doing furry art. It makes me uncomfortable when people see your work next to mine."

9) [after compelling me to do six different drafts of a character, then publishing instead a primitive line drawing by another artist] "Well she's not as good as you."

10) [three months late on a trade] "Yeah I know I promised you a story, and I'm going to do it! Can you do five more illos for my website?"
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