November 17th, 2006


is this how we do it?

long ago when we were on better terms, this was uploaded. it looked famiular to me.

here we go, prehaps its a coincidance? a pose is a pose. I tryed lining them up , some things don't fit exactly. Mostly the scale work, style and tail are the things that match. I'm not good at lining things up.

this person had taken credit once for a Reeves's scraper foil kit and called tracing a vidio game screencap "referancing"

this is a differnt story. but its still traced from ecco: defender of the future.

Mod Post

This is a reminder for two things:

1. This community DOES allow reports of art theft. I had to delete comments on the previous entry because they were suggesting otherwise to the point where it came across as this was the entirely wrong community. Please be constructive in your comments rather than dismissive ("If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"). If you feel that the community should NOT accept reports of art theft, take it up with the mods in private. I don't want to have to turn this into policy-pollfest 2006.

2. Posts in this community are MODERATED. That means that a moderator looks at posts before they are posted publically. Ergo, if it makes it to the community where you can see it, it is NOT breaking any rules. Playing rule/community nazi on the OP is a waste of time for everyone involved. In short, don't do it.
If you feel that a post violates the rules in some way, contact a moderator through one of the email addresses listed on the community info page (alternately, you may choose to contact them all since it's not apparent which moderator approved the post in the first place).
The same thing applies to comments on posts. If something gets heated (or even if it doesn't) we may not have time to read through all of the comments. Reporting comments through email = good.

I will be posting my decision about the poll in my previous mod post (regarding self-warnings) some time this weekend. Thank you for voting and leaving your comments there.