November 16th, 2006

sphynx gal chilling

hes currently looking for a new head.

this is mostly to fursuit makers....

beware of romani123. he has no people skills and no sense of what is right or wrong. ive been burned by him not just once, but twice on commissions.

he asked me to make him a tail, i said no problem and began work on the tail. next thing i know, he tells me he commissioned someone else for a tail and didnt need me to make him one anymore. *growl* ok. i was upset and told him that he needs to cancel his commission with me before doing something like that again. he agrees.

so he asks me for some new paws. i begin work on them. he later tells me that he commissioned paws from someone else instead...without cancelling his commission with ME. AGAIN.

and then he asks me if ill make him a new fursuit head. i turned him down and told him that i will not accept another commission from him again.

he is local to me and alot of the local furs know that hes a bit...wacky. they also agree that he has no people skills and continues to do this kind of shit.

ive done some suit alterations, upgrades and repairs and yeah....hes not a fun customer. hes ultra cheap and SUPER picky and tries to talk you down from your prices.