November 11th, 2006

Say what?!

Since everyone else is doing this..

And I think this will help

I get commissioned now and then and wanted to explain some things, I'm not sure how this will effect my commissions, but hopefully in a good way, that's my intent here. The following are the pro's and con's of commissioning me, what to know so people that have a problem with this wont commission me and people that are okay with the following will. Er.. here I go...

I always do commissions before trades and in order unless one happens to inspire me much more than the rest.
I take my time to make it worth your money.
If you REALLY hate what you paid for you will get a free line art commission, but they are put off until everything else is done.
I take more time on commissions than anything else.
You will always get your commission the year or within a year of when you commission me.
I accept any type of payment.
I give refunds if you'd rather have your money back or if I take too long.
I'm frequently on AIM and I always reply to your emails within a week at most.
I do not charge shipping, even if you live outside of the U.S.
I will show you WIP's along the way so you can change things along the way.
I draw detailed things well and prefer that.
I'm working currently so this slows my commissions And trades down quite a bit.
I'm social, another thing that keeps me busy.
I Frequently get stress caused art blocks that sometimes end up with me not drawing for weeks, this slows me down, obviously.
I don't like to do backgrounds, don't commission me for something with a background if you are in a hurry whatesoever.
It's hard for me to draw simple things or things that you don't discribe much, chances are anything simple or discribed simply wont turn out as good as you would like, I'm much better with detailed things and feel that would be more worth your pay.
I only do 9"12" work currently and only in marker for the time being.
I cannot draw everything, I can try, but your best bets are birds, dragons, dinosaurs, wolves, cats, monsters and horses.
I take quite a while to send currently, be patient, it all depends on my free time, it can take up to two weeks.
I wont take anything too big at the moment, such as illustrating a whole book.
There are some things i just wont draw, like.. pedo art for example!

I hope this helps!

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