November 3rd, 2006

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About that scented markers photobucket account that had everyones and their mothers art in it, I sent them an abuse complaint and:

Dear razerz,

The account has been banned due to Terms of Service (TOS) violation. Please
see Section 2 of for more details. The Terms
of Service apply to all accounts whether Free or Pro or Public or Private.
Once an account has been banned, the images are no longer available.

Thank you!
Your Photobucket Support Team

[And] Thank you thaily, i wouldnt have said anything to them otherwise.

*edit* Oye, i didnt realize stating something so simple would daresay create tehdramas.
I didnt ask for the gallery to be deleted, just that they could so kindly take down my images, since Thaily said they would do so if I provided links, and honestly id prefer for my junk to be where ive posted it, I can keep track of it that way. Since they emailed me back with removing the whole gallery, i thought others on this community might wish to know, especially if their images where there when the creator did not want them there. :| /explaination.
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