October 22nd, 2006

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Wintervision Graphics

Hello! I joined to deliver a warning to the artists here about a company who hires artists within the Furry community.

Darrell Benvenuto of Wintervision Graphics hired me in September of 2004 to do some graphics for a Kids Fitness Website. We agreed on a set price for the sketches. A little insurance in case the folks in charge didn't want me to do the finals, at least I'd get some compensation. I ended up doing almost 20 presketches (they got a deal thanks to the set price) and the final 6 inked drawings. When all was said and done I sent my invoice. He replied telling me that my check was in the mail. I waited...


I sent him another email. He told me he lost my invoice and wanted me to sent it again. Why I had to contact him to find this out is beyond me. So I sent it and got a reply telling be I'll get the check by the end of the week. I waited...


I call him up and tell him, again, that I haven't received anything. He's confused and said it should have gotten to me by now. I send my invoice yet again. End of the week he says. I waited...


It has been TWO YEARS. Never did he email me asking if I had received any soft of letter from them. No. It's always me asking, where's my money. I've been told that "it was sent", "I'll have it by the end of the week", that they haven't gotten around to send it yet" and "that they're offices were moving." I'm tired of the excuses. I was hesitant to publicly warn anyone about him. I met him once and he was a nice guy. But I've had enough. At Anthrocon this year I found out from a friend that she had worked for him, and he's a deadbeat.

I don't want anyone else to make the same mistake I did of doing any sort of art for this guy since he doesn't seem to pay his artists.
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Hi there folks,

This is just a friendly reminder for what this community is about: warning artists about bad commissioners, warning commissioners about deadbeat artists, asking questions about how to avoid being a bad customer/artist, posting the occasional good comment about exceptional artists/commissioners, and any other similar topics relevant to both artist and commissioner such as good business practices etc.

This community is NOT for: airing your personal vendettas with individuals, complaining about harrassment by another person (unless you are engaged in some kind of business or trade transaction with them), or making vague references to past transgressions without providing full, relevant details.

Do NOT assume that just because you have posted here previously, everyone will know what you are talking about. If you are posting an update on a previously posted warning (over a week old), DO link back to the old entry. We do not have collective memory and we can't understand your complaints if they're not written in plain English (or English to the best of your ability if it happens to not be your primary language).

Most people have been following this pretty well; I'm posting this because I've had to reject several entries in the past few days because the problems reported are very vague and it's unclear what the actual complaint is (or if the complaint holds any merit).