October 7th, 2006

Proceed with Caution

Alright, so I was wanting a port space and, as luck would have it, someone was offering a port space for art. So I whispered the person and got the deal going. She wasn't really specific, I asked for more details or something. Time went on, I pushed the hours and stayed up later than usual to get it done faster for the person. I showed the image to her, it's a Furcadian Portrait so it was remapped, JPGed and texted... etc etc. Skipping much things said I showed her the finished product, and she asked for the re-mappable version to see it in different colors. Well. I don't hand over my art without being paid first, that goes for any kind of art mind you. I told her that I could make for her an image of it remapped in many colors.. this wasn't good enough apparently, I also told her that I do the prepayment thing. Apparently this was just unacceptable as soon after this a long, drawn out discussion was held. Hmph. I ended up with a port that I put a lot into, no payment. In short, a lot of frustration, effort and wasted time.
For those of you that are on Furcadia I suggest not dealing with Horde/Humor.