October 4th, 2006

  • blueroo

The quickest ways to have your commission rejected

Folks, if you're going to commission an artist, please remember that respect runs both ways. Customers expect artists to be professional and courteous. Artists expect customers to be courteous too. If you are difficult, expect to have your commission rejected. If you are rude, expect to have your commission rejected. If you threaten the artist, expect to have your commission rejected. Remember, artists have the right to choose who they sell to.

Here are some big no-nos. If you do these, you should not complain if there are complications.

1. Fall off the internet, and fail to respond to communications.
2. Fail to contact the artist about any grievances.
3. Post inappropriately to public communities in a shameful effort to strong-arm an artist.
4. Send email threats like the one below. Set a 48 hour deadline, but then carry through on the first threat only minutes later.

Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 19:12:23 -0700 (PDT)
From: Customer
Subject: 48 hour notice - last warning
To: Artist

Artist, you have 48 hours to send or post me any indication that you
have started my art, or your my grievance with you will be posted on
artists_beware and as many friends, communities and related websites as
I can find on the internet.
Further, I am not at all reluctant to take this case to the Washington
State Attorney General's Office, as well as the King County small claims
court system.
Your website has been down for days - you better be updating it with
photos of my project.

48 hours - that's it. No more pathetic excuses.


Short and simple? I advise against doing any business with narcissisticvert on DeviantART. They commissioned me for a badge well over a year ago, when I was doing them for AC last year. I finished the badge, since they were somewhat small and simple and I was dumb, but she never paid. It was only $10, not a big deal, but regardless... many notes and a year later and I still have this badge hanging around that I don't want.

She responded to a few of my notes of inquiry, acknowledging that she had been flaky and would get the money out soon, get the money out soon, etc. etc. Eventually she just started ignoring my notes. I know she's read them, and she's online frequently.

So yeah. She doesn't follow up on payment. Simple as that.

Of all the rotten luck..

Okily Dokily. About *thinks* A year and a half ago; someone posted to the fursuit LJgroup that they were willing to trade chainmail pieces for a fursuit. Now, I'm a SCAdian, and always need new armour, but also thought it'd be neat to have chainmail bracers/collar/anklets for a fursuit of mine. Easy work, right? Maybe twenty hours altogether. I made the suit, handed it to the gentleman at AC, and he said he'd been in a 'car accident recently and it'd damaged his spine. Thats fine, I'm pretty laid back. He said he couldn't work on chaimail anymore- just scale mail. I said I'd be happy to do a scalemail trade instead of chainmail. AC finishes up- he's got his fursuit, I've got jack shit. Now, he posts about his doctors appointments and all that shit in his LJ, so its' all good and I totally believe he's in a buttload of pain, which isn't cool, but its' a valid reason. I asked him, how was my scale mail coming? He said, slowly. I say, ok, np. Take your time. He's injured, after all. He doesn't work a job. He just plays on second life all day, as I understand it(Raising online money in exchange for real money doesn't seem like much of a profit margain to me). So, theoretically he should have lots of time on his hands. Well, I don't care, I figure in another year and a half I'll start worrying if I don't see progress pics(After all, his commission was on time and he had at least two fat batches of progress pics I took during the creation of it). Everytime I try to talk to this guy, he gets evasive and says "Well, very little progress has been made on your pieces due to my injury", or something like "A claw popped off of the suit, so I haven't worked on it". It sounds like he's making excuses. But I figure- furries are fucking weirdoes. Whatever. Maybe he's just always like this. Well, what bothers me is recently, someone posts to the LJ group looking to trade a fursuit or something for chainmail pieces, and the guy posts this: 
"If I ever have time, I might assemble something for you, but yeah... "
He doesn't finish his sentence, so am I overreacting? Or have I been ripped off, yet again? 

Where's all this guy's time going? Why haven't I seen a pic of my scale pieces? Why is he willing to take on a new commission?
I f'kin hate people.