September 12th, 2006

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Positive feedback..

Just because these guys deserve the positive feedback.

I commissioned a T-shirt off of pinstripesuit She said it could be a bit for the shirt to arrive; however, it was here within a few weeks. The quality of the shirt is execellent and washing and drying hasn't harmed it a bit.
I would recomend her to anyone asking about her shirts.

I also want to put in a positive word for sapphire-kun on DA:
I commissioned her for a traditional peice, she too warned that she may take a bit of time and again I recived the artwork quicker than expected. It came out wonderful too. Perfect and well worth what I paid for it.

So yea.. those 2 are wonderful.
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More of Ashryn

UPDATE: I have absolved Ashryn of responsibilty for the picture. I'd rather just move on and forget about it as this point.

I myself commissioned Ashryn, although when compared to the two previous entries, my story isn't as sad. :/ One more voice to be heard, however...

I originally approached her back on April 1st of this year for a picture of my character. She wanted $45 for an oC commission, which was perfectly fine for me. My first request was fairly explicit... Going by the content on her gallery I thought she'd be fine with such subject matter. She expressed distate with that, however, so I changed my request to a pin-up shot instead - this will become relevant later on. Ashryn asked for me to pay her in full up front, something I was a bit leery of doing... however, according to her, "I usually do payment up-front since the commissions take a little under two weeks to complete."

Two weeks.

Of course, two weeks go by and I don't have anything from her at all. She informs me she can't work on it due to a houseguest, which is understandable. I don't hear from her again until about a month later, at which point she told me that she had finals AND an cold commission to finish, which is why it had taken so long. She then told me she'd have inks to me by that Saturday.

Two weeks after that, she told me she had a writing assignment, and then a week after that I finally received a sketch and inks. At this point it's May 26, nearly two months after I paid her in full. It's also at this point she tells me that she's in a desperate financial situation and that she'll do my original request (the explicit one) for $50, and only if I pay her up front. She also tells me that the original picture would be done "in a couple days time". I tell her that I'll think about it.

A couple days pass, and nothing. So I tell her that I'll take her up on the offer, but that I'll only give her a partial payment - she's okay with this, so I send the money towards the next picture and await the completion of the FIRST picture.

A month passes in which I don't hear from her again... now, I try not to pester, but I generally try to check back every week or so if I haven't been able to hear from an artist at all (my e-mail is notoriously flaky and tends to eat messages). I finally get in contact with her on June 21st, wherein she apologizes and informs me that her computer crashed. She then promises to me that the pictures will be finished by July 10th. Apparently she was planning on moving and wouldn't be able to get to her computer again until then.

July 10th rolls by, nothing. I wait a while, and then send her a refund request on July 25th. I ask for $45 back, allowing her $20 for the completion of the sketch/"inks" that I received. I hear from her again through chat on August 1 (four months now), and I explain to her pretty much everything that I've typed up so far. She informs me that she actually colored the picture but that the color layer disappeared, that her computer isn't hooked up, that she can't do anything. At this point, I'm more than fed up, and I give her an ultimatum. If she can complete the original picture by the end of the week and give me a sketch of the second request I'd give her a $20 bonus.

I get the colored picture 3 days later, upon which I give her $10 of the bonus.

As for the second picture, which she still owes me, I've heard nothing. Nothing. I'm currently out $20 and a whole lot of time and stress.

Oh, and one more thing, that just happened to really get under my skin. When she posted the finished work to her FurAffinity gallery she made some very negative remarks about my character in general that struck me as being very rude.

Beware of Ashryn. She is the most unprofessional artist I have ever worked with.

Little change of pace...

I've been seeing alot of posts lately about troubles with artists.. But I've got some cash to spare, and I'd like to know.. who have you had _good_ experiences with? I'd love to commission somebody :3

Thanks! I hope that this is okay for this community :3 I know there was a good artists community but it was taken down?