September 11th, 2006


In reference to Orange... AGAIN

This avoidance thing is getting REALLY... REALLY... OLD. I'm not the kind of person who is made of money and I was doing her a bloody FAVOUR by commissioning her- her art is lovely, yes, but I don't usually commission people for any thing more than an icon when it comes to anthro stuff. I tried to comment to her FA account (which I hate to have to do but hell, this kind of avoidance is pathetic), and I get this:

You appear to be on orange04's block list.
Your shout was not added.

Click here to continue...

Beautiful. Bloody well beautiful. So honestly, if anyone can please, if you see her around... just tell her: Kasai wants her money back, and she can send it to , plz.

I feel bad for this, to tell you the truth, but this is kinda pathetic.
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