September 3rd, 2006



You know... I dont often commission people... when I do, they're people
I respect and adore the art of... however Orange04 is reeeeeeeally getting to me... I commissioned her a couple weeks before Slim (my former girlfriend) and my
one year anniversary for a commemoration picture... and she said her
wacom died (convienently) before the due date... I figgered, okay, I
can wait awhile longer, sure... She said she had it sketched on paper
but then there was NO WAY to apparantly get an image... batteries in
cameras were dead, no scanner, etc. Finally, she got her 'new wacom',
about a month or two later... and says my commission is INKED. So I'm
like WEWT. Then, no work on it.... and still, none... but she's
uploading personal work, other commissions... and even things for
Second Life. I still havent gotten my commission. I contacted her after
Slim and I broke up to maybe alter the theme a bit so it would still be US but less romantic but NO response. I
tried to get ahold of her online, through several forums, etc... still
no response. I'm getting really ticked especially because after such an
emotional time she couldnt even have the decency to respond to my
request for a theme change. She ignores my IMs, emails, PMs etc....

anyone know her personally? If you do, would you PLEASE tell her that I
am requesting either a finished image or a FULL REFUND as I have not
seen even a sketch, which I seroiusly doubt ever having existed.
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