August 24th, 2006

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Stitched-Up-Smile666 just recently added me to her watch list on DA, and when that happens I always go over to the person's site and check their artwork out. WELL. this person, right on the front page of her gallery,
submitted this:
which is obviously ripped from one of Jaime Sidor's works:

I took a look around the rest of her gallery, and I'm very suspicious of everything in there that isn't a picture of herself. Her style jumps around way too much for all of the art in there to be hers.
not to mention, the before mentioned werewolf drawing I showed you DEFINITELY does not meet the standards she has set for herself with the rest of her gallery, which makes me think that she didn't do any of it.

I reccomend for all you artists reading this take a look around her gallery and see if there's something of yours in there. I recognise a lot of it, but just can't put my finger on any of the artists.

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