August 16th, 2006


Hate to have to do this...

A year ago on the 14th I paid for 3 icons to hmo My husbands came out fine, however the one of my dog I requested and my personal icon were not. The one of Yerich was mis colored grey in parts vs white, and my braids were forgotten... knowing this now... I asked politely if she could fix the errors. She said no problem, Ill get them done / fixed within 1-2 weeks. (I mean cmon how HARD is it to re color a dog were you messed up and did GREY vs white and add braids?) I dont even have copies of the ones that were "in error" either... Well long story short I then commented in her LJ about being on the list of owed items. I was originaly placed on it ... then REMOVED... but no icons still. Emailed several times and finnaly got told " I was not a priority" so I got "removed from the owed list" Ive since then asked twice for updates because im sorry yes there just icons but .... I am a paid customer. At this point I doubt I could contest the paypal charges, nor will she refund me and I am just counting this as a loss... but I am not happy. Its sad to see great artists, have such bad buisness manners.

I understand always real life comes first, but keep your customers updated if your going to take this long for two simple icons :(

**EDIT** As of the 19th Contact has been re established, and she says she will work on them along w/ other backlog stuff. So heres hoping this is resolved and that everyone gets there stuff. Shes handling it very well so thats always a plus over some that would not do so great. Shes admiting to the backup and trying now to go thru them. If your owed anything and dont watch her LJ but see this. Resend your info or go to her LJ to get info were to send the descripts etc. I thought id Edit and add this in for any that might re read it later.
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