August 12th, 2006

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Yo ho! I just wanted to post about some great people I've been working with of late:

Moldred, Streaks (The skunk) and Silverfoxwolf have been three commissioners I've worked with in the past month or so, and they are FABULOUS.
A+ commissioners, I've worked with Moldred three times now, always good with his discriptions and prompt with payment.
Silverfoxwolf commissioned me for 6 drawings, and has been GREAT about it, the process has been fast, and fun.
Streaks commissioned me for two for two of his characters, and they've been GREAT. Fun to work with, and very prompt payment!

And an artist I worked with recent, whos "Warmth" piece I bought, is Wyla. Shes amazeing, she sent the peice out and I recieved it within a week of winning the auction, and she was very nice. Though she undercharges herself. :P

Thanks. :)
Emo SW =|

Update on WhippitLuv

Well, I had a rough and roundabout transaction with WhippitLuv but it's finally over and boy am I glad... D=

In Febuary of '06 I won an auction on furbid for a black and purple husky tail. After winning the auction I sent an e-mail to her Whippit was offering a matching paw/ear commission for extra and so I offered to trad some fur for the set to match. I waited 2 weeks and sent one other e-mail and still didn't get a reply. I finally got frustrated and posted in this community and a couple others asking if people knew how to get in touch with her. After another e-mail she finally responded.

Once again I offered fur for the ears and paws and she accepted, picking out the fur she wanted from choices I listed. She told me to total for shipping+Tail so I boxed up the fur, stuck the money order in the box and shipped it off.
She let me know when it arrived and I sent a template for the look of the paws and ears. She sent a reply telling me she didn't have enough purple to do what I wanted with the paws so then we agreed on black paws with purple fingers instead. She told me she was working on it.

Later I tried contacting again after a long while without communication to check up, I got no reply for awhile so I came back to LJ asking if anyone knew any other way to get in touch with WhippitLuv other than e-mail, someone linked me to her DA and livejournal. I left her a note on DA, she responded on the same, or next day I believe. Whippit told me that her e-mail had changed (I was a bit miffed that after the change she made no attempt to contact me).
Whippit told me she was finishing the paws and asked if I had wanted pawpads or not, she hadn't remembered, I told her I did, that I had included them in my diagram and so she said she would add them.

June 1st she tells me she has shipped my package. 1 month rolls by, I send her 1-2 more e-mails and leave some comments on her LJ, I get no responce until I send her a note complaining on DA that I have not received anything in the mail from her and that I am getting a bit impatient sence she hadn't responded to any of my previous attempts to contact her, what made me feel worse is she had, sence claiming to ship my package, received several feedbacks on Furbid from customers who HAD received their packages.

She finally responded to my DA note and claimed she had sent the package ages ago and kindly offered to refund me. I recieved my refund on August 10th after a long and tedious wait for SOMETHING from her.

It was really nice of her to give me a full refund (Even adding $$$ for the fur) But I have to say that contact with her is very difficult.. D= e-mails are unreliable, she provided no in progress pictures of the ears or paws and it was a hassle even getting the innitial e-mail to be answered after winning the bid. It also got my goat that she made no attempt to contact me after her e-mail changed (I'm not hard to find, she could have gotten my e-mail address again off furbid if she lost it)... While she did refund I don't reccommend commissioning her unless you like to run yourself in circles trying to contact her. The only thing she seems to respond to most times is DA notes, most of my journal comments to her there were ignored too.... D=
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