August 11th, 2006

A follow-up on Grausig Vampyr

After e-mailing her and asking for my refund, she responded just now. [ I hope I can post e-mails, but to me, I feel no one will TRULY know how I feel when she sends me these biazarre e-mails ]

" Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 02:00:04 -0400
To: "Kiyoshi Arrowthorn" <>

I wasn't aware I was blocking or ignoring you by not responding to an
email within 24 hours. I do not have all kinds of free time to check
my mail and come online more than once a day. Usually I don't get on
till after 10PM, hell this is the first time I've been on since the
afternoon of the 9th. You got lucky because it was my day off.

I really don't know whats going on but this really is a bit
ridiculous. I get an email saying you just wanted to hear from me
and telling me you'd love to see whats been done so far and then I
get another one 24 hours later telling me this.

Thats kind of immature of someone to think I have the free time to
get online more than once a day even after I tell you I have a
ridiculous schedule. This shouldn't have gone this way and this is
the only time I've had someone have a problem with the time it takes
me to finish something. I'm not blaming this fiasco on you
completely because I know it was my fault for taking so long. Though
as an artist you must know that people go through bouts of art
blocks, especially with things like commission. Some last longer
than others and I've been suffering a VERY bad one if you haven't
noticed by my lack of updates or presence online at all.

Thats why I don't have a job in the art field, cause deadlines are
bullshit and people are too impatient. I'm guessing you changed your
mind over the past day because I had a job to go to and couldn't
respond soon enough. Thats your decision I guess. Your money is
being enveloped as I sit here and type and will be dropped in the box
across the street as soon as I finish typing. Thought the badge IS
done, I will give you a full refund though most artists wouldn't AT
ALL. All business is now null and void. Thanks I guess.

None of that was meant to be offensive and I apologize if it was. It
just bothers me a lot how this turned out. I've had a rather
stressful day and am not in the best of moods to hear things like
this anyway. I guess I apologize for what has happened but I did
learn a lesson about people, friends, and business in the end.


Maybe someday this will be overlooked as a bad time for business and
friendship can get past it. If not, I guess thats your choice not
mine. "

She clearly states she is NOT blocking me. And I have proof that is false. Well, I guess everything has been resolved. Good luck to all of you who want to commission her. :\ Just remember, she has an almighty "JOB" that keeps her from answering you for a year.

--Kiyoshi Purrlop