August 10th, 2006

Grausig Vampyr

I am posting this for feed back on what to do AND to warn others that sometimes good artists aren't that responsible.

Despite warnings; on December 2005, I asked for a commission from Grausig. She had three open spots for commissions. So I jumped at the chance. She has really good art, and I have heard equal amounts of Good and Bad comments about her.

So I waited... and waited. A month or so later, I asked if she started, she said no, so I told her, I want to switch my Book Mark commission to a Conbadge. She says okay. So I waited. And I waited some more. I noted her a couple times, I even bothered her on AIM. She said she was sorry for taking so long. I told her it was okay. She said she would draw me extra art because I'm waiting so long. So I figured, 'Sweet deal!' and I completely forgot my problems.

Well... she began offering art trades, and stupid me jumped for that too.

I just recently [ about... 3 monthes ago I think ] finished my half of our art trade. So I've been noteing her over and over, asking her for a commission status, all I wanted to know was, "What have you done and what do you need to finish?"

She blocked me through AIM, YIM, Myspace, stopped answering the notes, and e-mail was my last chance to contact her.

So... I had enough. I e-mailed her and pretty much said, " If you don't answer this, I will have no choice but to warn others. Because you are not going to give me what I paid for, and you aren't giving me a refund. "

And she responded back a few hours later, [ Note: This was the first I've heard from her in MONTHES ] She pretty much writes a whole bunch of putting herself down, talking about ' it takes me a day or so to answer everything. ' But after that, she states she HAS finished the badge, but she claims it looks bad [ I wouldn't know because I didn't even get as much as a WIP sketch or anything of it. So I still don't know what it looks like ] and she says she was going to redo it. But if I wanted it so badly she could scan it for me to see and / or mail it out to me as soon as she got my address.

She makes me sound like an impatient a**hole by her statement. Like I didn't give her time to respond to anything. But I've been waiting since December... she's had nearly a year to respond, show me sketches, or give me a status report. But I recieved nothing.

Well. I sent her a response to her statement, Pretty much saying, you know. If you had just answered my note stating "I finished it, it looks bad, wanna see it, and if you don't like it I'll remake it" then I would have never been so harsh with her.

After this, she sent me a "Add friend Request : DENIED " on Yahoo Messanger. To restate from above : She blocked me through AIM, YIM, Myspace, stopped answering the notes, and e-mail was my last chance to contact her. But she claims she finished, why is she trying so hard to get away? But here's the best part...

Ever after stating she will send me a picture... she HASN'T. She has no proof that she has EVER worked on the conbadge, how do I know that she wasn't sitting there sketching it real quick while answering my e-mail? I don't. And she has yet to give me an e-mail back. So I only have ONE e-mail from her. One e-mail after a couple monthes of trying to find out anything about the commission.

Does anyone understand why I'm so upset? Does anyone know what I could possibly do to get through to her to maybe get a refund if she admits to not doing the conbadge? Has any one else had a bad situation with her?

Feed back would be Lovely.

About Myself

I wanted to let everyone know that I am taking a very long time to complete commissions and trades. It's also very possible I have let some people fall through the cracks so I don't mind having a reminder here and there if you haven't heard from me lately! I just don't want to come here and find out someone's upset with me because I do admit, I have been slower than the usual and have gone through a lot recently...which is yet another reason to post here because I want all women to be aware of this (and boyfriends/fiances/husbands too) Rather than bog the LJ, here's a link to said issues:
Again, if I owe you and you have not heard from me, email me again. I am going through a slew of email right now but some may have been wrongfully deleted or lost or whatever. also, I owe people art supplies I have been giving away, and I will sort through those by next week...but I am missing the artists Anklebones who requested turtkey feathers. Are you out there?