July 19th, 2006


Need some advice / reassurence on dropping a commission

Awhile back I took on some emergancy commissions to cover some unexpected medical bills, and still make it to AC. Over all everyone who commissioned me was fantastic, and have since been finished.

But one.

I won't name names, since I don't think he's a bad commissioner, or should be warned against. He paid in full up front, provided many photos to explain what he wanted, and has been polite.

My problem is, I don't think he even looked over my work, commissionsing me for some subjects and character type I. Just. Don't. Draw. very well. But, I don't believe in turning done commissions because it's not something I enjoy, and what he wanted wasn't offensive or anything to me, just very very new to me.

Things went along great, fixed up the sketches and he seemed happy, now I'm well over halfway into the digital part, and he's not taking to it well. Faces aren't 'perfect', it's 'fuzzy'.

I've told him to provide more photos for the faces, since again, he's asking for character types I just don't draw. Ever. I just feel like this is going to end in badly, I'll put more work into than I want to, and he still won't be happy.

Would it be too out of line for me to just drop it this far into the commission? The price was already at dicount, so I can't offer to much of a refund at this point, I'm a little worried I'm going to get some sort of negative reaction that I'm a 'ripoff' if I say "Hey, I'm done, here's the large file, and have a few bucks, bye now"

I've never had to drop a commission this far in, anyone more pro than myself have any advice on how to handle this in a professional manner, where both sides are happy?

*For note, he clearly states in one email, he read my terms of commission and agrees to them. They do say I can drop a commission and once work starts I won't offer a fun refund.
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Hey guys!
I’m new here and for a while I’ve been in a situation and I don’t really know what to do about it any longer. I don’t really want to badmouth this artist because I don’t know a lot about her and this is the only commission I ever asked from her so I can’t say this happens a lot with her… so yeah, here is my little tale:

So, a while ago I sent a note on DeviantART to the user LakotaSilver, it was sent May 27th, 2005. At the time she was interested in doing custom My Little Pony commissions and was curious if anyone was interested. So I have my own MLP character that I designed so I inquired about the price she would be asking for. When she replied it was a reasonable price so I accepted.

So at first she was very into it, we exchanged many notes and she was always punctual and at one point even sent me pictures of the progress which were looking amazing! So then one day I sent off the money to her snail mail style it it was nicely concealed, but strangely after I sent it she just stopped replying to me. I never knew if she received my cash and she never spoke to me again. I sent her a few polite notes on DA and even got her AIM name off her DA page and IMed her asking again politely about it but she has never responded to one note or IM. I know that she has been on DA, on her page it says when she has last visited and it is always recent yet my notes have gone unread, and her name is ALWAYS up on my buddy list.

I just don’t know what to do anymore, I just can’t understand why she sent me pictures and went through all the work of ordering new hair and everything for this custom pony of mine. It was nearly done too, she was putting on the finishing touches then she just stopped talking to me. I really have no idea what to do anymore.
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