May 11th, 2006

Artists Beware

I'm going to keep this brief but I would like to warn you all about an individual who commissioned a character picture from myself some time ago. Contact with him was good right up until payment. The first cheque got 'lost in the post' and after than any attempt to contact him was completely one-sided.

I made the foolish mistake of releasing the finished artwork - allbeit with copyright text on it - via email before receiving any payment. My emails are going to his inbox but he is choosing to ignore me.

If you are requested to draw any art for Morobito Unheimlicher (, a black anthro panther with raven wings and no whiskers make sure you get payment in part or full before showing him the finished article.

If I have accused wrongly I apologise as I have said in the emails I have sent to him, but in this instance I do not believe I had, particularly as communication was not being received after completion of the product and subsequent payment requests.