May 10th, 2006

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Hey there everyone,

I just wanted to alert you all to the fact that an artist has been imitating my artwork (which can be found at the following URLs: , , , I'm quite tired of it, and I want to make it known to the public that she has been doing this. It smacks to me of very bad faith, and I really want to see it end.

Here's the URL I set up with the referenced pieces: - please check it out. Also note that there's a progression happening in these: the earliest pieces (up top) are only vaguely similar, to where I wouldn't have been upset if it were just those; problem is, the similarities increase as time moves on (down). If any of the URLs cease to work, let me know, as I have saved copies of all the works in question.

It started out with some vague similarities in style and framing, but quickly escalated to copying, right down to her redesigning her signature so that it looks very, very similar to my own. (See the before/after examples at the above URL). She has not directly ripped any poses or otherwise traced my work, but she's been basing a large number of her new works off of existing works of mine. And on top of that, she's been trying make a profit off this and sell many of the imitation works. This, obviously, does not sit very well with me, nor should it sit well with any artist who values originality and integrity.

So please, I ask of you fellow artists: keep an eye out for more of this kind of behavior. If you see it, don't be afraid to voice your opinion about people who copy others' hard work. Furthermore, I ask that you not support this artist monetarily - in particular, don't buy prints or originals of works she's copied from me. If ever there were a way to send the message "this is NOT okay," directing your hard-earned money elsewhere would definately be it!

Thanks so much for your attention! I just had to get this off my chest.

Edit: I altered the above URL slightly, to remove the two oldest comparisons. Those two were proving confusing for some people, so I've narrowed my evidence down to only the works I feel are direct imitations.