May 5th, 2006

cameo bunny

Warning on this Commissioner

My boyfriend, DOPR is currently dealing with a commissioner named Aekor.

The trouble started when my boyfriend quoted his price and Aekor stated that he'll pay based on what the end product is...if he feels the end product is worth less than what my boyfriend quoted, he'll pay less. If he feels it's worth more, he'll pay more.

My boyfriend, trying to be proactive did a sketch of one of the characters intending to put in the other in another position. Aekor stated that he didn't like the posiitoning and asked for a different position, which my boyfriend did.

Upon seeing the second sketch, Aekor criticised my boyfriend for not making the heads and neck "Draconian" enough and said that he wanted the heads and necks to look *exactly* like the way he himself does it.

My take on this is, if he wants it done exactly the way he himself does it, why did he commission my boyfriend?

Watch out for this commissioner, if he approaches you don't accept. I have a feeling he's trying to get free/very cheap art out of my boyfriend. (This is a fully colored picture, btw.))

ETA: I've told my boyfriend myself that I think he needs to get out of this commission and that this Aekor person is really doing things wrong, but he's decided to go on with the commission anyway, so...