March 18th, 2006


Update on faolanredwolf

Well, I waited a week longer after e-mailing faolanredwolf and finally said fuckit. I e-mailed her one last time telling her that since she obviousely was not intrested in the commission anymore, that I was going to sell the original. Since I had no heard from any of her friends who read her livejournal either, I assume she is just not replying, rather then with out internet.

So I told her that if she still wanted the one completed original, that it was going up on furbid and if she was intrested in owning it she could bid on it there. It is currently up for more then she originally paid for it. By 5 dollars. :\

Anyway. Thanks for your advice guys, it was apprechaited. :( I wish this could have been worked out, but, sadly it didn't. :(
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