March 10th, 2006

To commissioners (and artists too!)... I need some opinions!

Not too recently, I did work for my aunt's supervisor. My aunt works at a law school, and her supervisor, happy with my work, had a few lawyers write and rewrite an image usage form. In a nutshell, the form reads the client's limitations and purpose for the image, and what I can use the image for; such limitations include making money outside of the agreement, however I may do what I please with the picture, posting it online, for instance. She has been forcing me to use that form ever since (not that I wouldn't want to use it.) However, I have not been accepting commissions online, due to I think it would be a turn off to give that form to a possible client. SO... my question is this:

Would you still like to purchase artwork from someone even after they make you sign the form? If you all would like to see a copy, I'll gladly write it here. If you would like to use it as well, artists, I'll send you the .doc file.
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