March 5th, 2006

Autumn bunnies
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I have to admit that I took a couple of commissions a few years ago and never made good on them (there are reasons, but really, they don't matter in the long run, do they?). Anyhow, I am in constant contact with one of them, and have made mutually agreeable arrangements with them, but the other has not responded to my last few emails. I do not like having a black mark in my past, but how far do I go to return his money? If he won't write back to me, do I assume he doesn't care?

Bidder problem on Furbid

After 2 weeks, I have not received payment nor email reply from Tyman2480 for a lot of prints sold on furbid.

I sent emails, gave a deadline to reply to me by sunday, and still nothing.

I put in the auction description that the winning bidder had one week from the end of auction to send payment, so the auction itself gives a deadline.
I have also contacted my next highest bidder to ask if he was wiling to match the last bid, if I did not hear from the bidder; and he has replied that he wil be overjoyed to do so.

Tyman2480 has only 3 feedbacks, all positive- I hate leaving negative feedback, but I have done all I can, and cannot wait on this any longer as my auto registration and smog test are all due by the 8th...As it is, by giving him so much time to repsond, I have already screwed myself for getting payment in time to cover the whole cost of the testing and reg.

I believe I have been more than fair, but I thought I would mention this here.
I just hate leaving negative feedback; and feedback for me on the auction sites is kind of meaningless, as I sell 99% of my stuff to the same two or three buyers over and over again, and have for years.

Am I being fair here?
I've been more patient in the past- but this person hasn't even replied to any emails at all, and its been 2 weeks...