March 2nd, 2006

  • mazz

The Orphen Works' amendment

Someone posted this in a yahoo group I'm in and I figured some of y ou would be interested in this.

Currently, copyright works that the moment something is declaired 'fixed' or
finished it is automatically copyrighted. You have five years therein after
to registar it with the U.S. Copyright Office. The cost? Usually $30 a piece
or (the best way to do it) is to copyright multiple pieces under a single
'portfolio' name. Also, there was an assumption that because something came
into existence it had a creator and due to this nothing could be used
without gaining permission from this owner.

The amendment wants to change it to:

If somethig is not marked CLEARLY with a NAME then it will be assumed to
have been ABANDONED and thusly ANYONE has the right to use it, sell it or
otherwise 'put it to good use'. There is also a part in there talking about
if a thrid party takes something, erases your name and hands it off to
someone that someone can claim ignorance. Due to this the copyright office
is looking to be absolutly swamped with registation and what happens when
the demand for something is high but there are limited resouces to process
the infomration? The process either slows down dramatically or prices
usually go up or both.

(The rest of what she posted is under the cut to spare your friend's pages)

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