January 22nd, 2006


(no subject)

Hi all! I'm just putting a warning out about SheezyArt and it's submission agreement:

From SheezyArt's submission policy:
"I. Right and License

You grant to SheezyArt.com a non-exclusive right and license to:

(A) Encode, digitize and store the Submission indefinitely..."

And of course, my favorite bit:

"XI) Stored Media

You understand that SheezyArt grants each artist the ability to remove his or her stored media from view of the general public. However, we reserve the right to privately retain such media on any site facility indefinitely for reasons of site security and review by our staff."

So in other words, I cannot ever fully remove my work off of their site. After 'deletion' of my images, they still retain the rights to my work and will not fully remove it. And everyone is alright with this?

I strongly advise against getting an account there.