January 6th, 2006

Small Amount of Concern

I had commsh'd someone who was dating at that time a friend of mine for three partials for anthrocon 05, one for myself, a friend, and the makers girlfriend, they said it wouldn't be a problem. They are rarely online and there is next to no communication. I got no response in time for Anthrocon and I did not attend the event because of a move so I asked for them by Halloween with some changes to the designs, again, no response by halloween. So then I asked for them by the first week of December so I could have them ready for a cruise I was going on, again no response except for saying that it would be done so they didn't go on the cruise either. They have been online maybe ten times since I first commsh'd them and I paid 1500 up front for the three partials.

I'm starting to worry that i'll never see the partials but I don't know if i'm just being too hasty. The builders girlfriend and I had a falling out around anthrocon and do not talk to one another besides one commsh and that was strictly business. I wonder if this is why the things haven't been built.

When I had some minor conversation with the builder around mid october they said they were waiting for materials so I got the feeling that they hadn't even started on anything since I commsh'd them in May. I don't want to rush them but i'm just concerned.

How should I go from here?

I'm used to waiting, I have several sketchbooks i've been waiting for, some since May, I understand that they take time. One albeit was already completed when I bought it in the fall and I had already been waiting on a sketchbook and they've had sold two or three completed sketchbooks since my commsh and I haven't seen sketches since the summer. One I purchased when it was completed in the fall but it never showed up but that's something completely different...

I don't know with the no-show two sketchbooks from one artist and the no-show three partials from a bidder if it's been long enough to release their names as artist_beware, that's why i'm asking first about how I should go from here.

The sketchbook artist I consider a friend, and I do not want to cause any bad blood with the builder, so I worry.