January 2nd, 2006

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A warning about Jasperwolf

A few months ago, I accepted a pet portrait commission from Jasperwolf (aka Shaun S. if I recall right). Everything seemed to flow just fine, with one minor hurdle from the hurricane taking out his internet for a week or so. But because it was a minor commission and something I could do in my free time, I didn't ask for payment upfront like I usually do.

I finished the piece just a little while ago, and have tried contacting him for payment. After no response I wondered what had happen, so I trailed onto his deviantART account to find he has left the country.
Qoute from his journal: "Well folks, this is my farewell. After tonight I will no longer have regular internet access as I prepare to leave the country."

I'm honestly very disappointed, as with FurCon coming up, I needed that payment to get my printer online so that my print binder would be ready. And now, being short the 25$ to get my color ink cartridge because of the lack of payment for a commission that I put a lot of time and effort into, I risk being unprepared for FC06 in which I already paid my dues for.

Anyways, along with the warning about him, I was wondering what I should do with the finished piece. It looks like I will get no payment from him for a long time, if at all, and I need the money now. I'm fairly confident the piece would sell well on its own(as it is a simple husky portrait) so I'm wondering if I should just try to sell it?
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