December 27th, 2005

  • selunca

Warning about "Jester/Crystal/Ailiah"

Starfinder offered a comission to this person on October 10th;

Which was accepted by Jester/Crystal/Ailiah for the ammount of $400 OR a PSP, and a second one which was for $800 for 2 character realism, or a $600 lens + tripod collar.

She then finished the first commission($400 or PSP) on the 14th (within a week, as promised to commissioner);
Finished peice;

Month have gone by and the buyer has not sent the PSP OR the $400 for the completed first. The PSP or $400 was for her birthday, which was Nov.8th, which was agreed to by the commissioner to have to her by then.
The commissioner has backed out of the $800 or a $600 lens + tripod collar after Starfinder has completed alot of work on the second peice (
and then this today. She has repeatly told Starfinder that the item was ordered but was pending - however nither myself or Starfinder beleive the item was ever ordered.

Starfinder is not posting this herself because she knows shes not very well liked here. But, Both of us felt that this commissioner was one to avoid. No payment, even though the first commission is complete, and the second one was well on its way to being finished.

Please do not flame either myself or Starfinder for this, as we're just posting about the dead-beat commissioner. Thanks!