July 22nd, 2005

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Not a warning, but an idea

I was just browsing through the past posts in the community, and a thought occurred to me: wouldn't it be a lot easier to have a webpage that simply lists the artists and commissioners people have complained about? It'd be an easy place to just stop and check before you pay for or accept that commission. Just go to the page, and hey, Starfinder's there! Woah, 18 complaints, better not commission her! Certainly would be easier than browsing through the community.

Is anyone willing to make/host such a page? I could probably make it, though it would look basic - my HTML skills are not geared towards the flashy, so if someone else wants to that'd be cool. But someone would still need to host it.
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Praise and more problems...

We finally received the Starfinder commission this morning. I'm happy with this part....

Now on to something else... I was checking my list of outstanding art commissions and came across a couple.. One of them got me thinking... Brian Wear... I commissioned him at Califur.0 (2004) for a adult piece, and paid at the con ($25 or something like that). Due to the nature of cons and my packing, I lost the receipt. So I'm powerless unless I actually see him. Now, I have indeed seen him, once being at his own home, the other time was at FC05. Both times I've been told "Don't worry, I'll get it done as soon as possible." Meanwhile, he's cranking out other people's commissions. At FC, he was making one as we spoke on the issue. Brian does NOT deny owing me an art commission. He's just not doing it. I think a year is too long to wait without updates, and empty promises.

I totally understand that sometimes things come up, but when it's other people's commissions, commissioned after me... I can't help it wonder what the hell this person is thinking.

I do know of one other person, a close friend of mine, who's con badge from CF.0 was late by nearly 6 or 7 months! And it was a rush job at that! Pencil lines, the coloring was piss poor... Not worth the $15 or whatever he was charging that year. Also, this badge isn't even marked "CF0" like mine is... It's only marked "2004." That's just a badge now, not a Califur.0 con badge. To make matters worse, I had to ride Brian's ass to get that to my friend. It took me constantly emailing and IMing to get him to do it.

I just don't think I should have to crack a whip everytime I want my art work done in the same century I commission it in.. much less my friends' art commissions.
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Fear Scary

My drawing stolen

Hello everyone. Since you allow posts about art theft I figured I'd post here what I posted on the other forum Art Theft. They didn't help me and I got no responses. I'm asking you to please help me get through to these people. Here's the post.

There's this site in some other country, I think it's in Hunry, that is talking about Thagirion as mentioned in the song To Mega Therion by Therion and using MY picture of Thagirion as the reference. I'm both flattered and angered at the same time. I'm very happy that all these pagans like my artwork so much. What bothers me is that this girl, I think it's a girl since I looked at the 'fotoks' of her, didn't credit me. She should mention the artist and link back to my site. I've already emailed her. Let's hope she'll understand English. Here's what I said.

Subject: My drawing of Thagirion
To: info@wicca.hu

Hello. I'm the artist that made the drawing of
Thagirion you have on this page.
I hope you understand me since this is in English.
I'm very happy you liked my creation enough to use on
your site but I must ask you that if you are going to
use it that you must give me credit. Please say that
I, my name is Des, am the artist and link back to my
How did you find my drawing anyway? I noticed you
changed the colors and inverted it as well. The
drawing you have is one of my best of him, but it is a
shame you can not see his wings. Well I do hope to
hear back from you soon.


Notice she changed the color which was originally a black background and made him white and a gif when it was originally a jpg. I've got such mixed emotions about this. I'm flattered and I'm angered. The drawings of him are on my site and in various sub-sites all listed on my main page.

I've already emailed them about three times then found this other address that is for the web designer. It is osara@wicca.hu Seems Osara is the one that made the page that has my drawing since her name is in the url too. I created Thagirion back in 1999. The drawing she is using is the first I ever drew. They can use the pic as long as they don't change it and give me credit. If not they need to take it down. I don't know if I'm being ignored or if they just don't understand English. If you guys can please help me reach these people somehow I would really appreciate it.
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