May 22nd, 2005

Evil Grin

Hi just joined...

Hi I am new here, and though I don't really consider myself to be too much of an artist, I really wish I had found this site sooner becasue I was one of the many people that LordTalpaDevil666 has asked to do an art trade with. Unlike korrok however, I never got anything in return for my efforts:
featured here.
Aslo for any of you that happen to be artists in the Gargoyle fandom, I would like to send up the warning about emails from a guy named Chris asking you for this commision: Pic of Brooklyn in his "Future Tense" episode attire, he's in a blue
dodge neon and his arms are hanging out the drivers side passenger
window, he has a sad look on his face, his eyebrows are raised, his eyes
are wide and looking down at the pavement, his teeth are seen gritted
together on the left side of his mouth, Talon is seen walking up to
Brooklyn with an angry look on his face.
Just say no! This guy has no intention on paying you for any of your art and is looking just to get free art.

Anyway glad to know this community is around now.

Warning against an annoyance

I'm just putting a warning up for everyone about a guy named Andrew Rinaldi, Andrew2006 over at DA.

Basically what he does is hounds artists down and asks them to draw him pictures for free, even when they tell him that they only do commissions or are too busy for another request.

Awhile back I posted up an image I did for a school project. It was of me transforming into a tiger. It was done on five sheets of paper and fully shaded. The next day this guy adds me to MSN and just asks me to do the EXACT same thing for him, for free. When I tell him that piece took me about three weeks to do, and is something I'd only ever do again via commission, he promtly asks me if I'm finished his piece yet. He asked me what... Two minutes ago? So I decide I'll be nice and draw an anthro version of him.

After explaining to him that I'm heavily bogged down in portfolio work, commissions, trades, etc, and that I'll have it done in about month, he hounds me day in and day out asking if his picture is done, even though I told him that I'm too busy to work on his image and that he has to wait a month. I eventually told him that if he asks me again, I won't be doing his request. He asks me if his picture is done ten minutes later.

I ended up blocking him and using an older MSN account when he ADDS me. Turns out, he's found out my old MSN accounts and have added me to his list aswell as he keeps e-mailing me.

This guy cannot type to save his life, and his grammar is incoherent. Unfortunately I'm not the only one he's harassed. He's harassed several artists on DA including Psiguy, Lessthanhuman, Admyrrek, and Epsilonarge. According to Epsilonarge he's even gone to Yahoo artist groups.

In a nutshell, don't accept a request from this guy unless you are in to being nagged and harassed. And once you do an image for him, he'll ask for another, and another.