January 27th, 2005

  • selunca

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This isn't about bad commissioners, or bad bidders, or anything. This is praise for two amazeing people.

First off, a commissioner.
This woman is the most amazeing commissioner to work with. Prompt, funny, nice, and always patient (because I take a long time on my commissions. o.x) Amazeing fur, A+++++. :D

Second, Someone I commissioned!
Our very own Shadowolf
She was fast (what, three days? :P) AMAZEING quality, and perfect art. She did exsactly what I asked, no qualms, didn't make fun of my crude refrance picture (My fiancee in a .. er, compremizing possion.. hehe) annnnnddd. To top it off she was the nicest person when waiting for my payment, and understand my finacial situation during the holidays.

God bless them both, they rock!